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Fuso Port Melbourne, as an essential service provider, understands the responsibility we all have to respond appropriately to COVID-19. We are taking our responsibility seriously and due to the nature of the Stage 4 Lockdown, we are unable to conduct a ‘business-as-usual’ approach.

Detailed below is an outline of how business will be conducted, which could be subject to change as further Government guidelines are introduced.

Service and Parts Customers visiting the Dealership will need to scan a QR code and enter their contact details and time in and out of the Dealership on our website. This information will be kept in case we, or the Victorian Health Department need to contact you due to a COVID-19 case. These contact details will not be used for Marketing purposes.

Service bookings are available by appointment only from 7am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Closed Saturday (Bookings on Request). Bookings can be made online at fusoportmelbourne.com.au/service/ or (03) 9046 9400. We will continue our Zero Contact Service Drop Off & Collection Procedure. Our 24-Hour Call-Out service will still be in operation.

To ensure we can meet your requirements, please call or book online. If you do not have a booking, we will not be able to receive your vehicle.

So, what will this mean when you bring your vehicle for a service at Fuso Port Melbourne?

When you arrive onsite, we ask for you to remain outside the warehouse and call through to our friendly reception team for further instructions. We are unable to provide customers with onsite waiting facilities during this period.

Prior to beginning work on your vehicle, our staff, wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), will wipe down all contact points within your vehicle. All technicians working on your vehicle will be wearing gloves and compliant face masks. When work on your vehicle has been completed, the same touchpoints will be wiped down, and we will contact you for collection.

For collection, we advise you to again call through to our reception team for instructions.

Parts customers can purchase parts for all vehicles with Zero Contact by account, direct debit, credit card or EFT only. There will be a ‘click, pay and collect’ facility and we can organise a courier or a designated external collection point is available for pre-ordered and pre-paid parts.

New and Used Vehicle Sales:
Our Sales Team are fully operational online and are contactable by phone and email and can send you any specs and/or pricing you require. For NEW truck sales: fusoportmelbourne.com.au and USED and DEMO truck sales: usedtrucks.com.au

We have implemented these measures to not only protect our staff, but also to protect our customers and our community, so thank you to our customers for observing these changes. If you have any questions, please give us a call on (03) 9046 9400 Even though our usual processes may look and feel different, the quality of your service experience with us at Fuso Port Melbourne will remain unchanged.

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